Chromium Sputtering Target Cr

Goodwill Metal Tech manufactures Chromium Sputtering Target Cr. Our product is consistently good in quality and purity. We also makes doped targets by customer request.

Product Details

The chromium target produced by our company adopts advanced thermal isostatic pressure technology, and the products include plane target, arc target, annular target and integral shaped tube target with large length-diameter ratio.It has the advantages of controllable purity and density, uniform grain size and long service life .



Product name

Chromium sputtering target



Manfucture method

HIP(hot isostatic pressure)


Max size 2000L×500W, Max Diameter 400mm .

Special specification can be provided according to customer requirements



Thermal conductivity

60W/m.K 100W/m.K

Thermal expansivity

10-6  1/K


99.5% ,99.8% ,99.9% , 99.95% ,99.98%

Typical product

Cr/Al, Cr/Ag, Cr/B, Cr/Co, Cr/Cu, Cr/Fe,Cr/Ni, Cr/Mo, Cr/Si, Cr/Ti, Cr/Zr

Cr/Al/Ti, Cr/Al/Si

Cr2O3, CrN, CrB2, Cr3C2

Grain size


Product picture





RArchitectural automotive glass


Heat reflecting autoglass: allows the sun's infrared rays to be effectively reflected (20 to 25 percent), blocking.The heat energy enters the autobody (30% higher than insulation), lowers the air conditioning load, and maintains well at the same time.Light transmittance (70~75%), keep visual field clear.


• Typical low-E film: Glass to SnO2(protective layer, increasing light transmittance) to Ag(high reflection)Layer - NiCr(transition layer) - SnO2(protective layer)


• Types of target materials: there are several choices of target materials for different membrane designs. Si /SiAl (protective layer, SiN Film), Zn, Sn, ZnAl, ZnSn, ZnSnSb, Ti/TiO2 (over


Cross layer, TiO Film), Al, AlSi, Cr, Nb, Nb2O5


RSolar PV & Solar heating & Solar Cell


• TCO film (ITO, AZO, ZnO, SnO2) and metal film (Al, Ag, NiV) are plated on the substrate or the silicon layer as a conductive layer. TCO film is used to improve the light transmittance of the battery.


• compound semiconductor thin film solar cells are mainly divided into two categories: CdTe and CuInGaSe. Replacing the P/N interface of silicon with CdTe/CdS and CIGS/CdS can improve the efficiency of photoelectric conversion (CdTe - 8~10%, CIGS - 10~12%).


R semiconductor&Electronic industry


• as the line width continues to shrink (<0.2um), the problems of RC Delay and electronic migration of Metal become more and more serious, which can only be solved by changing the characteristics of the material


• as a result, Copper Process was developed, using low-kdielectrics and low-resistance Copper wires. At this time, AlCu & Ti for aluminum Process was replaced by Cu, Ta and Co.


• for the post-segment manufacturing process with the purpose of encapsulation, Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) technology was adopted for large Scale, mainly using Al, Cu, Cr, Ti, NiV. The material requirements of the target material were lower than those of the previous segment manufacturing process


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