Antimony Sputtering Target

Goodwill Metal Tech manufactures Antimony sputtering target Sb. Our product is consistently good in quality and purity. We also makes doped targets by customer request.

Product Details

Antimony sputtering target

Antimony (Sb) Metal

Antimony is a semimetallic chemical element which can exist in two forms. Metallic antimony is an extremely brittle metal of a flaky, crystalline texture. The non metallic form is a grey powder. Antimony is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, It is bluish white and has a metallic lustre. It is not acted on by air at room temperature, but burns brilliantly when heated with the formation of white fumes. It is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Antimony is stable in dry air and is not attacked by dilute acids or alkalis.

Basic Information:

Name:AntimonySymbol:SbAtomic Number:51Atomic Mass:121.76 amuMelting Point:630.5 °C (903.15 °K, 1166.0 °F)Boiling Point:1750.0 °C (2023.15 °K, 3182.0 °F)Number of Protons/Electrons:51Number of Neutrons:71Classification:MetalloidCrystal Structure:RhombohedralDensity @ 293 K:6.694 g/cm3Color:bluishElectro negativity:0.152

Antimony (Sb) Sputtering Targets

Purity--- 99.99%,99.999% or International standards type

Shape--- Discs, Rectangle, Step, Plates, Sheets, Rods, Custom-Made

<>Dimension--- <>Diameter (≤<>150mm), Length (≤<>200mm), Width (≤<>150mm), Thickness (≥<>3mm), Custom-Made

<>Application --- Semiconducting films

High Purity Antimony (Sb) Evaporation Material

Density--- 6.62grams/cc Melting Point--- 630°C Boiling Point--- 1380°C

Purity --- 99.99%,99.999%,99.9999%
Shape --- Irregular pieces, Dimension --- Custom-Made

Application --- Semiconducting films

High Purity Antimony (Sb) Metals


99.99%(Ag,Au,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mg,Ni,Pb,Zn,Mn,As,S, Si,Bi<100ppm)

99.999%(Ag,Au,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mg,Ni,Pb,Zn,Mn,As,S, Si,Bi<10ppm)

99.9999%(Ag,Au,Cd,Cu,Fe,Mg,Ni,Pb,Zn,Mn,As,S, Si,Bi<1ppm)

Shape--- Block crystal, Irregular pieces, silver white Dimension-- custom made

Application --- thermoelectric refrigeration materials, photoelectric materials, microwave materials, dopant for semiconductors, solder, III-V family compound semiconductors (InSb...), etc.

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