ZnO Sputtering Target

ZnO Sputtering Target

Goodwill Metal Tech manufactures ZnO Sputtering Target. Our product is consistently good in quality and purity. We also makes doped targets by customer request.

Product Details

Basic Information

  • Color:White solid

  • Odor:non-toxic Molar mass:81.4084 g/mol

  • Melting point/Melting range:1975 °C (decomposes)

  • Boiling point/Boiling range:Not determined

  • Sublimation temperature / start:Not determined

  • Flash point:Not applicable

  • Ignition temperature:Not applicable

  • Decomposition temperature:

  • Danger of explosion:.

  • Explosion limits:

  • Vapor pressure:

  • Density:5.606 g/cm3, solid

  • Solubility in water:1.6 g/L at 28°C

  • C

Appearance --- White powder

Content of silicon oxide (%) --- 99.7

Average grain size (nm) --- 20

Specific surface area (m2/g) --- >90

Loss of weight in drying (%) --- <0.3

Loss of weight in burning (%) --- <0.2

Appearance --- White powder

Content of silicon oxide (%) --- 99

Average grain size (nm) --- 50

Specific surface area (m2/g) --- >60

Loss of weight in drying (%) --- <0.5

Loss of weight in burning (%) --- <0.6


(1) Vulcanized active agent in rubber industry, catalytic additive in petrochemical industry, the first-choice material in automobile tyre, aircraft tyre and industrial cable trade and zinc oxide ceramics.
(2) Used in coating, paint, transparent rubber, emulsion and plastics trades to indrease the strength, compactness, adhesion and high cleanliness of the product.
(3) Antimicrobial and bacteriostatic agent, deodorant, medical and sanitary bactericidal material, glass and ceramic bactericidal and self-cleaning material, bactericidal dressing used in medical trade.
(4) Electronic industry, instrumental industry, manufacture, electrical device, radio, wireless fluorescence lamp, image recorder, rheostat, phosphor.
(5) Sunscreening agent used in cosmetics, antibacterial and health protection antiager.
(6) War industry: ultrared ray absorbent.

Packaging & Shipping
Vacuum Packing .Cartons Packing .Wooden Case Packing .Standard Export Packing
Carrier :DHL,UPS,TNT,FedEx

Company Information
Goodwill Metal is belonged to China's the biggest material research institute-General Research Institute For NONFERROUS Metals.
We rigorous,efficient,and customer oriented.
We provide best products to the industrial for years.Also, we provide customized materials to laboratories and research institutes for their academic achievement.

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