Silver Copper Alloy Sputtering Target

Silver Copper Alloy Sputtering Target

Goodwill Metal Tech manufactures Silver bonding copper sputtering target. Our product is consistently good in quality and purity. We also makes doped targets by customer request.

Product Details

Beijing Goodwill Metal is a professional research and manufacture high-tech department of sputtering targets. We can provide sputtering targets with steady quality, diversified composition and specification serialization using hot isostatic pressing (HIP), cold isostatic pressing (CIP) ,hot processing (HP) and vacuum sintering processes. And we also offer combining targets and sputtering metal and bnding services according to customer require.



Product name

Silver bonding copper sputtering target


Ag sputtering target

Manfucture method



Max size 2000×250mm, Max Dia 300mm . Special specification can be provided according to customer requirements




99.99% ,99.999%

Typical product

AgAl ,AgIn ,AgCu,AgPd ,AgSe

Grain size


Type of Bond

RIndium         RElastomer        RSilver Adhesive



RArchitectural automotive glass

 •  Heat reflecting autoglass: allows the sun's infrared rays to be effectively reflected (20 to 25 percent), blocking.The heat energy enters the autobody (30% higher than insulation), lowers the air conditioning load, and maintains well at the same time Light transmittance (70~75%), keep visual field clear .

•Low-e (Low irradiation coating) architectural glass: achieve visible light with high fluorescence (natural lighting), Low reflection .Radiation (low light pollution), solar irradiation (uv & near infrared) low penetration (sunshade), and medium Far infrared high reflection (limited outdoor background irradiation in summer, enhanced indoor thermal insulation in winter) .

• The lowest irradiation rate (0.08~0.15) for vacuum magnetron sputtering low-e coated insulating glass,Effective reducing indoor thermal energy loss, therefore, is the best "lighting energy saving system".

• Typical low-E film: Glass to SnO2(protective layer, increasing light transmittance) to Ag(high reflection)Layer - NiCr(transition layer) - SnO2(protective layer).

• Types of target materials: there are several choices of target materials for different membrane designs. Si /SiAl (protective layer, SiN Film), Zn, Sn, ZnAl, ZnSn, ZnSnSb, Ti/TiO2 (over Cross layer, TiO Film), Al, AlSi, Cr, Nb, Nb2O5 .

• Target shape scale: large cylindrical rotating target is the main one, which can meet the demand of large area and high usage

• Target material requirements: brittle material without deformation (SiAl, Si, TiO2.) shall be sprayed by plasma .Materials require low oxygen content and high purity



RSolar PV & Solar heating & Solar Cell 

• TCO film (ITO, AZO, ZnO, SnO2) and metal film (Al, Ag, NiV) are plated on the substrate or the silicon layer as a conductive layer. TCO film is used to improve the light transmittance of the battery.

• compound semiconductor thin film solar cells are mainly divided into two categories: CdTe and CuInGaSe. Replacing the P/N interface of silicon with CdTe/CdS and CIGS/CdS can improve the efficiency of photoelectric conversion (CdTe - 8~10%, CIGS - 10~12%).

• due to different materials, applicable electrode and TCO layers are different. For CdTe, ITO,SnO2, Cu or Cr, and for CIGS, ITO, ZnO, AZO, Mo


Analytical testing


Our company has advanced laser particle size analyzer, powder specific surface area analyzer, metallographic microscope, scanning electron microscope, projection electron microscope, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and other professional material testing equipment, which can analyze powder particle size, particle size distribution, material metallographic structure, scanning structure, and phase structure.

ICP-AES (inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer) is used for the analysis of trace elements. The elements that can be analyzed are most metals and a few non-metals such as silicon, phosphorus and sulfur.It has fast analysis speed, wide test range, small collective effect, small analysis dynamic range, and can quickly and accurately test impurities and analyze the purity of materials.

PDS ultrasonic inspection (C-SCAN) is used for the analysis of impurities, pores, cracks and other defects in metal and non-metal materials as well as the detection of product welding bonding rate. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, convenient operation, no damage and high precision.

检测仪器 01.jpg

Package & Delivery   image.png


 Standard carton box ,Vacuum Packing, Wooden Case Packing 


 Within 2-3 working days


 Door to door(DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/EMS…), By air, By sea

Our Services/Warranty   


1.  Professional ODM services

2.. lower price for sample dermapen, Competitive prices for distributers

3.  In time delivery.

4.  Quality assurance.. 

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