The Use Of Semiconductor Materials
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The preparation of different semiconductor devices has different morphological requirements for semiconductor materials, including single crystal slicing, polishing, polishing, film and the like. The different forms of semiconductor materials require different processing technologies. The commonly used semiconductor material preparation processes are purification, single crystal preparation and thin film epitaxial growth.

All of the semiconductor materials need to be purified. The required purity is above 6 "9" and up to 11 "9". Purification methods are divided into two major categories. One is purification without changing the chemical composition of the material and is called physical purification. The other is purification of the elements first, and the reduction of the purified compounds into elements. Chemical purification. The methods of physical purification include vacuum evaporation, regional refining, and pull crystal purification. The most used methods are regional refining. The main methods of chemical purification include electrolysis, complexation, extraction, and distillation. The most commonly used method is distillation. Because each method has certain limitations, a combination of several purification methods are often used to obtain qualified materials.