New Organic Semiconductor Materials
- Mar 27, 2018 -

According to reports recently organized by the American Physicists Organization Network, an international scientific research team has for the first time developed an organic semiconductor material with huge molecules. Its structural stability, excellent electrical properties, and low cost can be used to manufacture modern electronic devices. Widely used field effect transistors.

Scientists said that the latest research is expected to make artificial skin, smart bandages, flexible displays, smart windshields, wearable electronic devices, and electronic wallpaper into reality.

In the current consumer market, electronic products are very expensive, mainly because electronic products such as televisions, computers, and mobile phones are all made of silicon, and the manufacturing cost is high; and carbon-based (plastic) organic electronic products are not only convenient and inexpensive to manufacture. , And light, flexible and flexible, represents the future trend of "electronic devices everywhere."

Previous studies have shown that the larger the carbon structure, the better its performance. But scientists have not developed effective methods to produce larger, stable, soluble carbon structures for research until this time the Zucesko team developed this new organic semiconductor material for transistor fabrication. .

Organic semiconductors are plastic materials that have special structures that make them electrically conductive. In modern electronic devices, circuits use transistors to control the current between different regions. Scientists conducted research on new organic semiconductor materials and explored the relationship between their structural and electrical properties.