Wide bandgap semiconductor material
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Gallium nitride, silicon carbide, and zinc oxide are all wide bandgap semiconductor materials because their band gaps are all above 3 electron volts, making it impossible to excite the valence band electrons to the conduction band at room temperature. The operating temperature of the device can be very high. For example, silicon carbide can work up to 600 degrees Celsius; if diamond is made into a semiconductor, the temperature can be higher, and the device can be used to collect relevant information needed on the oil drilling probe. They also have important applications in harsh environments such as aviation and aerospace. Radio stations and television stations, the only high-power launch tubes or tubes, were not replaced by semiconductor devices. This electron tube has a life span of only two or three thousand hours, is bulky, and consumes a lot of power. If a high-power silicon-emitting device is used, the volume can be reduced by at least tens to hundreds of times, and the lifetime is greatly increased, so that the high-temperature wide bandgap semiconductor Material is a very important new semiconductor material.