Cesium Iodine Crystal Materials

Cesium Iodine Crystal Materials

Goodwill Metal Tech manufactures Cesium Iodine crystal materials. Our product is consistently good in quality and purity. We also makes doped targets by customer request.

Product Details

Cesium Iodine crystal materials

CsI is a kind of scintillation crystal with good properties.Its emission maximum is 415nm, which is well matched to the sensitivity curve of photomu-ltiplier tubes (PMTs) with bialkali photocathodes. The material has a very high luminescence efficiency, and exhibits no significantself absorption of the scintillation light and has good resolution ability to X-ray and γ-ray.

Press-forged CsI crystal is derived from a unique manufacturing process in which single crystal ingots are recrystallized under heat and pressure. The characteristic improves mechanical strength but has no effect on the scintillation performance. So it is widely recognized as suitable alternatives to single crystal scintillators in those applications where thermal and mechanical shock are encountered. Another feature of pressforged CsI is the possibility to manufacture complicated detector geometries directly without extensive machining.

In recent years, with the increasing market share, these pruducts are widely used in the fields of the national defense, military industry, well logging, metallurgy, security, nuclear medicine, etc. Also many products are exported to overseas for more than 20 countries and regions,such as United States,Canada,Australia,Austria,Japan,South Korea and so on.

Main Properties

Relative light output(%)


Melting point(℃)


Mohs hardness


Thermal expansion coefficient

47.4 x 10-6 K-1

Cleavage plane


Light yield


Wavelength of emission maximum(nm)


Primary decay constant(ns)




Refractive index







(1)CsI crystal used in Oil Well logging

CsI crystal can measuring the natural radioactivity of the earth. The gamma photons interact with CsI crystal to produce photons of light scintillations. This information is used by geologists to determine the location and composition of minerals, and to look for oil and gas.CsI crystal with high light yield, it is affected by temperature is relatively small.It has become the preferred material for oil well logging detector.We provided highquality CsI crystal in Daqing Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield, etc.

(2).CsI crystal used in environmental monitoring

Now radioactive materials are routinely present in environments, the measurement of ionizing radiation is critical to ensure the safety and protection of workers and the

general public from potential hazards. CsI crystal can be used to monitor production,

life,work environment,field and so on.

(3)CsI crystal used in nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a medical specialty that uses safe, painless and costeffective techniques to image the body and treat disease. CsI medical detectors are widely used in γ camera, isotope therapy and other diagnostic devices.

(4).CsI crystal used in Industrial CT and safety inspection

CsI crystal used to inspect the rate of flow of molten steel ,thickness of the steel and defect inspection in metallurgical industry, also inspect concealed explosives

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